General Mobility Courses

The general mobility courses are aimed at people who are interested in the world of mobility. The courses are suitable both for people who are new to the world of mobility and for those who already work in the mobility sector and would like to deepen their knowledge.

Passenger information systems

This course teaches the most important elements of passenger information systems. It explains the differences between target data, actual data and forecast data, and gives examples of passenger information.

Operations control system

In this course you will get to know the benefits of an Operations control system (OCS) for transport companies and passengers. It demonstrates the importance of peripheral systems for passenger information, timetable planning and smooth operations.

Timetable planning and timetables

This course teaches why a timetable is necessary and the most important elements for a functioning timetable.

The passenger transport operator

The course shows the organisational units and tasks of a passenger transport company. You will gain insight into the HofMobil company through animated films, audio and text games.

An example of automated mobility services

This course demonstrates a realistic scenario of how everyday mobility could integrate automated vehicles. It invites you to actively engage with questions of technological change as well as its possibilities and limits.